Dried Flowers

One of the ways in which we hope to diversify the use of our land in Blundeston is through the creation of a cut flower patch.  In the meantime I use locally grown and dried flowers to create bespoke wedding designs.

Following completion of my floristry training – and usually working with fresh flowers – I was challenged by my beautiful friend to create bouquets and buttonholes for her delightful wedding in June 2014.  After initially being somewhat sceptical I soon fell in love with the rustic, natural feel of the designs.  Dried flowers can be purchased well in advance so are perfect for weddings abroad or for ensuring there is one less last minute stress worrying if the florist will turn up on time! Furthermore they are cost effective and can be kept after the big day!

For lots of photo’s and ideas for dried wedding flowers please have a look at my Facebook Page: Florence and Flowers.  Or send me a message through here for a bespoke quote, I am always happy to discuss flowers!



23 thoughts on “Dried Flowers

  1. Hi there, ive come across your bouquets on ebay and absolutely love them, im looking for something vintage in neutrals and greens colour could you help or have anything in mind?
    Thank you 🙂


  2. Hi, how long do the head garlands last (dried ones?). Are there restrictions to the types of flowers you can use?
    Could you send some pics of one’s you’ve created?
    Finally, how much time do you need to make them and send out?


    1. Hi Charlotte, thank you for your enquiry, Typically I recommend ordering flowers up to six months before your wedding day, as – whilst the flowers will last and last – this ensures they are at their absolute best. Most dried flowers can be incorporated – drop me an email on blundestonfarm@yahoo.co.uk to let me know what you have in mind. I’ll pop some photo’s on here of some I’ve made recently. Warm wishes, Carly


  3. Hi Carly – love your flowers (seen them on Ebay!) They’re just the sort of look I’m after (especially the Deluxe Craspedia Bridal Bouquet. Made to order, Vintage Colourful Dried Flowers!) I think I’d like to order; but wondering what the cost would be for 1 brides bouquet, 1 bridesmaid, 5 flower girl headbands and 4 button holes in the same theme! As you can imagine, we’re on a tight budget – trying to do the whole wedding for less than £5,000 so really need to keep things tight! If that affects the sorts of flowers I can have I don’t mind! i would like wheat, lavender and craspedia to feature though!


  4. Hello

    Was looking at your lovely wedding flowers. Could you please tell me how long these flowers will last for?
    I would need flowers for me and 2 bridesmaids and 4 flower girls.
    Would also like a clip made for my hair.



    1. Hi Stacey, thank you for your enquiry. Dried flowers will last and last, however typically they will be delivered one – two months before your wedding day to ensure they are at their absolute best. If you would like to send an email to blundestonfarm@yahoo.co.uk we can explore the sort of designs you are thinking of and provide a quote. Warm wishes, Carly


  5. Hello

    Your bouquets are great! I will be looking for one bridal bouquet and quite a few button holes (between 10-20) Id like a fair bit of sark blue in my bouquet however something lighter for the button holes. could you give me and estimated cost. Also wedding is July 25th so could you manage a fairly quick turn around? (sorry!)


  6. Hi.
    I am looking for a brides bouquet and a button hole for the groom to match and possibly a head piece.
    My dress is peach dusky pink so would go for those colours also it will be nice to have some Autumn colours.
    My wedding is the 30th of October 15.


  7. Hi
    I am getting married in July 16 but I want autum colours for my bouquets and button holes as that’s our theme colour. I was just wondering if you can pick colours or if I need to ordered them a certain time of year or anything ?
    Thank you


    1. Hi Maxine, thank you for your enquiry, i shall send an email over to you in the next day or so with all the information you need about ordering our beautiful dried flower designs, warm wishes, Carly


  8. Hi carl! I love your flowers and would be really interested in you making my bridal bouquet. I love thistle, my theme is greens purples and creams.
    Hoping that is something you could do! I’d also like to enquire about button holes and brides maid bouquets. In various dried grasses and wheats. Look forward to hearing from you



  9. Hi, I came accross you on etsy and lovd your log and dried flowers centre pieces. Do you also have any Autumn themed bouquets and/or button holes as examples – oranges, reds, bridesmaids are in purple.

    Many thanks 🙂


  10. Hi Carly,

    I am looking for something like the below links for both a hand tied bouquet and approx 20 boutonnieres. It’s the blue and white that I like about the bouquet and would want taken through into the boutonnieres i.e. more blue than purples which I’ve commonly found.

    Are you able to provide a quote?




  11. Hi
    I’ve just seen your flowers on eBay they are stunning.
    I’m looking for a brides, 5 bridesmaids and 6 button holes. We are getting married in October with a rose gold and navy colour scheme theme, with a lot of wooden rustic elements.
    I was wondering if you have any pictures of anything that might match and how much these would cost?
    Thank you very much for your help


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