Buying Our Beef

We sell the Aberdeen Angus Beef raised on our farm in Blundeston, Suffolk in a variety of ways.  Please see below for the price list for our individual cuts, however for the savvy shopper we also sell a variety of beef selection boxes which save about 10% off the list price.  All prices include free local delivery.  To order you can contact us via the contact page or telephone 01502 731823

Value Selection Box: £35.00

Contains a selection of our premium grade Aberdeen Angus Beef.  The contents of each box vary and can include a selection from rump steak, stewing steak, braising steak, beef shin, beef skirt, mince, burgers (4 in pack) beef sausages (8 in pack) and roasting joints.  If there is something specific you would like included (or not!) please let us know. Retail price of items if bought individually would be £38.50 approximately. 

Deluxe Selection Boxes: Our full selection box, weighing approximately 7 -8 kg and offering a little of everything.  The perfect choice for busy people, stocking up the freezer and saving time on shopping.  They cost just £65.00 (retail price for the individual items would be £72.00 approximately) and contain:

  • One roasting joint; either silverside, topside or toprib
  • Two packs of two steaks: either fillet, rump or sirloin
  • A wide selection of braising steak, stewing steak, skirt, shin, mince, sausages and burgers

We will also add on a packet of ox liver, kidney or heart (your canine friends will go mad for it!) on request, completely free of charge following purchase of a deluxe selection box.

If you don’t have space for a whole box then we also sell all of our Beef as single items, prices are per kg and priced very competitively, including free local delivery.  Please ask for prices for the cuts you would like.


11 thoughts on “Buying Our Beef

    1. Hi Kayleigh, thank you for your enquiry – I’m assuming you’re local to us so we would usually take cash on delivery. We can however send a paypal invoice if that is easier for you on orders over £25.00. Warm wishes, Carly


  1. Hi, I would like to order one of your £25 boxes, how do I go about ordering, can I pick the box up, or is it delivery only? I live in Fritton

    Kind Regards


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    1. Hi Candy – thanks for contacting, we’d be delighted to provide one of our £25.00 economy boxes and I will send you an email to your hotmail account about delivery, Warmest wishes, Carly Perks


  2. Hi Candy – not sure what is happening with our emails, they seem to be going astray! We do have two value boxes (see the front page blog) available for £35.00 each and one for £30.00. We will be taking part in Blundeston Christmas Fair from 11:00 till 15:00 this coming Saturday if you’d like to collect from there. If not we can deliver direct to you, as at present the farm isn’t open to customers collecting beef. Hopefully one day this may change, I have grand dreams of a proper little farm shop where people can come and meet the herd, but for the time being its delivery only I’m afraid. Hope this is of help to you, warmest wishes, Carly Perks


  3. That’s strange..I emailed you via the link you gave yesterday, if I can have one of the £35 boxes, will come and collect from the fair before 12 on Saturday:) thank you


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