About Us

Our farm is located in the Suffolk village of Blundeston, Lowestoft.  The smallholding has been tended to by the Perks family since 1930 and has seen several changes over the years.  After getting married in 2014 Sam and Carly are striving to raise awareness of the farm and to develop the land to increase productivity and enhance the local area.  Currently we have a small herd of around eighty Aberdeen Angus cattle which enables us to supply ethically produced beef to customers keen to support farmers and purchase locally sourced meat.  The welfare of our animals is of utmost importance to us and our cows are well tended to and reared in a traditional way.

During the summer months our herd graze outside on the rich marshlands of Haddiscoe coming home to the farm in Blundeston during the winter months.  Throughout the cold weather they are comfortable at home in large straw bedded yards where they are tended to round the clock and fed locally grown silage and hand cut beet.   We work hard, in all weathers, ensuring the younger members of the herd are equipped to battle through the winter and maintain good health and growth rates.

When reaching the correct age and weight our cattle are loaded by us and taken direct to a local abattoir.  The beef is then hung for a minimum of three weeks – this is an important part of the process in ensuring the beef is especially tender and delicious; it allows the fibres of the meat to break down a little, giving the beef a softer texture and much better flavour.  The beef is then cut in traditional ways, packed and frozen.  Keep an eye on our blog for more detailed descriptions of the benefits of hanging beef and freezing meat.

We have a large selection of beef available to buy and always welcome new customers. Our cuts include; joints, steaks, stewing beef, skirt, shin, braising, mince, beef sausages and burgers.  We can sell individual cuts or full selection boxes.  Special orders by request.  Please contact us for a price list.  All beef is delivered direct to your door.



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