Christmas Turkeys!


Blundeston Farm saw the arrival of 6 turkeys this week.  Norfolk Bronzes which we will be fattening up in time for Christmas.  As always, it is important to us that our children understand and respect where their food comes from and that the animals we eat have had the best possible quality of life.  Rearing our own free-range turkeys provides us with peace of mind regarding how they are cared for, what they are fed and how they are slaughtered.  Thank you to the boys who helped construct their large pen, (providing access all day to grass and other shrubs to scratch about in) and to Florence, our youngest farmer, for welcoming them with her usual smile!  We plan to sell these for £50.00, plucked and packaged nicely and accompanied by a jar of Mrs Perks homemade cranberry sauce.  Even better; we will deliver them fresh on Christmas Eve, avoiding wasting half your day queuing in the butchers!  Any feedback (or orders!) welcomed!


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