Price Comparisons – Take That Mr Tesco!


At Sam Perks Beef we know that our customers choose our product not only for the fantastic flavour but because they are looking to support local farmers and care about where their meat comes from and how the animals are cared for prior to slaughter. However we also know that times are tough and most of us need to make our money stretch. Therefore we thought you might be interested to know how our prices compare with that of the mass-produced beef found in the supermarket aisle. Tesco sells rump steak for £15.39 per kg. This is their cheapest rump steak from countries unknown. Their “finest” rump steak costs £18.00 per kg, from British animals. Sam Perks rump steak – we only sell finest!! – is £14.44 per kg. Including delivery locally to Lowestoft, Suffolk. It is a myth that buying good quality meat from local farmers is more expensive. You just need to know where to shop!  Head over to our facebook page; Sam Perks Beef for some more information. 


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