Special Beef Offers!


We are clearing space in our freezers ready for when we send our next two members of the herd to be butchered.  Never a nice time but necessary as we can’t afford to keep 80 pet cows!  Our Aberdeen Angus cattle always go away in pairs as this helps to keep them calm, therefore we need to create some storage space .  We have three joints of topside and one of silverside all with 10% off.  In addition we have a few packs of beef sausages (8 in a pack and gorgeous in casseroles) and burgers (4 in a pack) available.  Sausages and burgers are priced at £3.30 a pack and for a limited time only if you buy two or more packs we will include – FREE OF CHARGE – your choice of one of the following; oxtail, beef liver, beef tongue or beef heart.  Lots of recipe ideas online.  All beef delivered locally free of charge.  Please find Sam Perks Beef on facebook or contact via our “Contact Us” page at http://www.blundestonfarm.wordpress.com


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